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Matrix Group has a track record of more than 10 years in the services listed on the web-site. Matrix occupies a unique position in the industry for being the only ‘complete NPA management set-up’ in the country offering the widest range of services in the fields of financial risk management & debt resolution supplemented by a comprehensive legal set-up – all under one roof at Delhi as well as in Mumbai.

The Group has meticulously documented processes & softwares to create intellectual property and consequent corporate value over the last one decade. Added to these is the patronage of almost all the banks with whom the Group companies are empanelled ensuring regular flow of business and resultant cash streams in Delhi NCR & Mumbai.

It is this strength which has pushed Matrix to organically expand business in other prominent cities of the country through a franchise model. We call upon ex-bankers, chartered accountants & lawyers to seize this opportunity to develop viable businesses with the help of Matrix. The possible business opportunities which we may share with you

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Franchise Policy
The Franchise offer by Matrix is structured as follows –

Facilitation Period
The Company begins its dealings with prospective franchisees on an assignment to assignment basis before the franchisee is appointed. This arrangement, comprising the facilitation period, would last for a minimum of 6 months and is intended to enable working compatibility between the two parties.

Depending upon mutual experience and expected volumes at a particular center, the relationship is converted to a regular franchise on mutual consent. If both parties decide to carry on the facilitation period, it may carry on with mutual consent.

In case the Facilitation Period graduates to a Franchise Contract, the following terms would be applicable -

Franchise terms
  1. The Franchise Office measuring about 200 500 sq.ft. and will be opened in a low rental area preferably and need not be at a prominent place.
  2. Matrix will be responsible for the following –
    a) Arranging empanelment in the Banks/ FIs for business
    b) Setting up business process
    c) Installing software – customized software of Matrix would be used for execution.
    d) Training of personnel based on the training manual of Matrix.
    e) MIS Controls
  3. Franchisee shall be responsible for the following –
    a) Arranging complete office set up with state of the art Telecom, fax, computers, air conditioners, power back-up etc.
    b) Recruiting personnel for smooth functioning of operations.
    c) Payment of salaries, incentives, statutory dues, municipal dues etc.
    d) xecution of business as per mandate of the bank.
    e) Maintaining proper accounts – would be subject to internal audit by Matrix whenever required.
    f) Adhering to the reporting systems as prescribed by Matrix.

    Note : The above requirements are indicative and not exhaustive

  4. Financial Terms
    Very lucrative financial terms would be offered to the prospective Franchisee to enable the Franchisee to earn handsome returns. However these will be decided at the time of finalizing the franchise Contract.